Hand sanitizing has received renewed attention in these years. But even when the pandemic is over, it will still be critical for hospital hygiene that everyone disinfect their hands regularly. For this reason, a new hand sanitizer robot is now being developed, which is able to move itself to wherever it is needed, recharge itself and alert staff when it needs refilling.

The robot consists of two modules: a mobile base on wheels and a disinfection stand, which the base can take on and off. An interactive screen on the stand will be able to interact with the user in different ways, and a camera will help the robot navigate. The camera will not perform facial recognition or any form of information storage.



The prototypes are ready and will be tested at OUH and Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (The university hospital at Kiel and Lübeck, Germany) in 2022.

  1. First, the mobile base’s navigation and general operation will be tested.
  2. Then, logistics tasks will be tested with one robot base and multiple stands.
  3. Finally, it will be observed how the robot interacts with humans and offers them hand sanitation. Some of these people will be asked about their experience. A supervisor will be present at all times during the testing.

Multiple robots should be able to be present in the same area and interact with each other. The aim is that the robots in a smooth and easy way may help hospitals prevent infectious diseases.

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This project is funded by the Danish-German initiative EU Interreg.

Project period

Start: 12 April 2021
End: 2022


Cecilie Pilgrim

Project manager

[email protected]

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Oskar Palinko

Project coordinator, University of Southern Denmark

[email protected]