Hand Sanitiser Robots

When the covid-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, it increased the focus on hygiene in hospitals - not only among staff but also among patients and relatives.


To increase focus on hygiene and remind visitors to sanitise their hands, Odense University Hospital developed two hand sanitiser robots that drive around the lobby of the hospital and the lobby of the Children's Hospital.

The robot has two standard sanitiser dispensers, an information board and a speaker that reminds visitors to sanitise as well as to keep their distance and walk to the right in the corridors.


The robot was further developed by Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), and similar robots are now distributed to other hospitals in Denmark.

I øjeblikket er en version 2.0 med videoskærm under udvikling.


The robot was created in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark, which initially made a robot available for development and testing.

Project period

Start: April 2020
End: May 2020


Esben Hansen

Esben Hansen

Technical Manager, CCR

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