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Annual Report 2021

The most significant event for CCR in 2021 has of course been the consolidation and the official launch of the centre in June 2021, when a robot cut the red ribbon

Since then, we have gained momentum and have so far identified potential robotic projects in 12 of OUH's 40+ clinical departments. 51 potential projects have been identified here, so there is great potential for projects with robot technology in the hospital in the future.

Together with our sister centres for clinical artificial intelligence (CAI-X) and medical technology and evaluation (CIMT), we have published a joint annual report, where we collect the first year's milestones and projects.

Read the joint report for CCR, CAI-X and CIMT (at CIMT's website).

Also worth highlighting from 2021 is our Alpha Partner agreement with Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), which means that MiR makes robots available to the hospital free of charge when there are new ideas or projects to be tested. With the agreement, we can test whether robot technology is a possible solution to a problem or start a new project more quickly.