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Hand hygiene has received a renewed focus with the Covid-19 pandemic, but it is always crucial for hygiene in a hospital that everyone remembers to wash their hands. To make hand sanitiser easy and readily available and to encourage use, the project tested a sanitiser robot that could move to where it was needed, charge itself and alert when it needed to be refilled.


Start: 12 April 2021
End: 2022

The robot consisted of two modules: a mobile base on wheels and a sanitiser stand that the base could take off and on. On the stand there was an interactive screen which could interact in various ways with the user. There was also a camera that helped the robot navigate, but it did not have facial recognition software or any kind of storage.


In 2022, the prototypes were tested at OUH and Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (University Hospital in Kiel and Lübeck).

The testing phase focused on:

  1. how the base module navigated and functioned in practice.
  2. how the base functioned in connection with the stands.
  3. how the robot interacted with humans and offered them hand sanitiser. Some of these people were asked about their user experience.

It was intended that multiple robots should be present in the same area and interact with each other. The goal was that the robots could help prevent infectious diseases in a hospital in an easy and smooth way.

Read more about HanDiRob at the project's own website..


HanDiRob has been tested several times at OUH, both at the entrance and in the hall.

Users reported that using HanDiRob was a good and pleasant experience, and although the project has shown that there is still development to be done on the robot, there are significant advantages to HanDiRob.

The research project's results showed that the robot can increase the proportion of people in hospitals who sanitise their hands from approximately 13% to 50% when the robot is both moving and talking. When it just moves but doesn't speak, the proportion rises to around 39%.

Read more about HanDiRob at the project's own website.

Watch a video on HanDiRob.


The project was a collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark, Universität zu Lübeck, Fachhochschule Kiel, Odense University Hospital and Abena.


The project was financed by the the European Commission's Interreg Deutschland-Danmark programme.

Oskar Palinko

Project Coordinator

University of Southern Denmark

Esben Hansen

Esben Hansen

Technical Manager

Centre for Clinical Robotics

(+45) 5146 6767