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Robot for Handling of Samples

The laboratory at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry receives approx. 8000 blood samples, and the number is increasing. 400 of these samples have to go on to another laboratory, and the staff struggles with reaching everything in time.


A robot that can sort and send the samples can relieve the staff so that they can concentrate on analysing the samples.


A robot for handling samples has been implemented in the laboratory at the Department Of Clinical Biochemistry. The robot receives the samples in racks and feed the samples to a machine that sends them further on in the system.


  • Department Of Clinical Biochemistry and Building operation and Service at Odense University Hospital
  • The Region of Southern Denmark's MedicoTeknik at OUH
  • SDU Robotics
  • The company Gibotech


The robot is funded by the Department Of Clinical Biochemistry at Odense University Hospital

Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu

Professor and Research Manager

Centre for Clinical Robotics

(+45) 2440 9545
Esben Hansen

Esben Hansen

Technical Manager

Centre for Clinical Robotics

(+45) 5146 6767
Mads Nybo

Mads Nybo

Head of Department

Department of Clinical Biochemistry

(+45) 2055 3952

Albert Kraaer



(+45) 9944 0217