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MORECARE Service Robot

There is a shortage of nursing staff in the hospitals, which affects the working conditions of the staff and the quality of care for the patients. When the nursing staff has to move away from the patient to pick up equipment, bedding and so on, the time for care and nursing is reduced. As a result, there is a need for the nursing staff to have equipment at hand so they can stay with the patient.


Start: July 2019
End: December 2020


Based on knowledge and experience from previous projects, the purpose of MoreCare is to develop a mobile service robot to bring equipment to the patient rooms. The robot can be called in by the nursing staff via smartphone or a ground-level button, and have the equipment ready in front of the patient room when the nurse needs it. The robot is developed and qualified at the hospital and in collaboration with the nursing and service staff, who are going to use the robot in everyday operation and ensure daily use.

Many hospitals already use Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) for transportation of goods in basements and other areas where there are no patients, relatives nor staff without functional robot knowledge. In the clinical wards, AMRs are used to a very limited extent, although there is also great potential for supporting the nursing and service staff in their daily work here. It would free up time for their primary work assignments.


Due to COVID-19, testing the robot has been difficult and it has not been tested as extensively as hoped.

The staff however still believes that the robot, when used properly, can be beneficial - especially when it comes to reducing disruption to their work.

Testing the robot has led to indirect gains for the department, i.a. by the fact that the staff now has a much greater focus on keeping the walkways and depots tidy to allow the robot to move. The department has also been through a process which has resulted in rethinking the use of accessible spaces.

Another benefit is that working with the robot has resulted in the incorporation of several standard procedures for nursing tasks, because the project required a discussion of how the individual caregiver performed a given task with the aim of standardisation and selection of equipment that the robot should supply to the room.

The project has resulted in great knowledge regarding practical concerns for the use of robots in a clinical department. This includes insight into hygiene requirements, fire requirements and movement amongst patients, relatives and staff, which will provide great value in future robot projects.

Morecare Service Robot in front of hospital room

Morecare Service Robot


The project was carried out by the Department of Geriatric Medicine, Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) and Facilities Management at Odense University Hospital. 

The robot was on loan from SDU Robotics at The University of Southern Denmark.


The project is funded by OUH's innovation pool.

Malte Kongstad Deleuran

Malte Kongstad Deleuran

Innovation Consultant

Department of Clinical Development - Innovation, Research & HTA

(+45) 2165 7146
Esben Hansen

Esben Hansen

Technical Manager

Centre for Clinical Robotics

(+45) 5146 6767