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Virtual Watering Holes

CCR is hosting the virtual watering hole "Implementation of hospital robots - from OUH today to the new OUH in 2024", which will take place on 23 November at 2-2.45 pm.

In November, together with our sister centres CIMT (Centre for Innovative Medical Technology) and CAI-X (Centre for Clinical AI), we will hold a new series of the Virtual Watering Holes, which were originally developed by CIMT in Spring 2020.

The virtual watering holes are professional panel discussions as we know them from conferences and the like - just in an online meeting room. Here, a panel of 3-4 people meet for 45 minutes and pass on their knowledge of and experience with current topics in health technology and innovation to you who are watching.

For the watering hole "Implementation of hospital robots - from OUH today to the new OUH in 2024", the panel discusses how experiences and implemented robotic solutions from the current OUH are incorporated into the plans for the new OUH, which will be put into use in 2024.

The panel consists of:

  • Søren Udby, Programme Manager at CCR
  • Anne Mette Vraa, team leader for the logistics section in the project organisation for New OUH
  • Jakob Funk Hannibal, project manager, New OUH.

On 16 November at noon, CIMT is hosting the watering hole "Many citizens want digital health services - are we ready at the hospital? ", and on 18 November at 2 pm., CAI-X is responsible for the watering hole "When artificial intelligence succeeds in the Danish hospitals".