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Automated patient transfer for a better ergonomic working environment

Many hospitalised patients slide down towards the foot of their bed several times a day and therefore have to be moved into the correct position again. The transfer can have serious consequences for the patients and is also the cause of the development of musculoskeletal problems in the healthcare staff responsible for the transfer.


Start: 1 January 2024
End: 27 June 2025

So far, various technological solutions have been tested and implemented that can reduce risk factors for the development of musculoskeletal problems, but these solutions have been aimed at transfers across the bed or from one bed to another, but not at transfers along the length of the bed.


The project's primary purpose is to investigate which barriers and facilitators that exist when a technical solution is to be implemented at the hospital. This is investigated throughout the project at the Department of Neurology at Odense University Hospital.

In the project, the technical solution PULLY has been chosen for the testing. PULLY is mounted on the headboard of the bed and, using a remote control, can move patients along the bed by gently pulling the bed sheet towards the headboard, so that the patient ends up back in the correct position.

Subsequently, concrete and practical workflow descriptions will be developed for the use of the solution in the future. It is expected that the project's results can be used to optimise the implementation of other solutions at e.g. hospitals and nursing homes.

Finally, the project must secure knowledge about both the patients' and the staff's experience with the solution and examine what effect it may have potentially had on the staff's ergonomic and psychological working environment.


The project is carried out in collaboration with Odense University Hospital's work environment function, the bed unit at the Department of Neurology, pressure ulcer experts at the Department of Plastic Surgery, work environment researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, and the HTA unit at the Department of Clinical Development, which will evaluate the project.


The project has been granted 1.8 million DKK of the Working Environment Research Fund.

Malte Kongstad Deleuran

Malte Kongstad Deleuran

Innovation Consultant

Department of Clinical Development - Innovation, Research & HTA

(+45) 2165 7146
Kathrine Rayce

Kathrine Rayce

Innovation Consultant, PhD

Department of Clinical Development - Innovation, Research & HTA

(+45) 6541 7940
Tue Kjølhede

Tue Kjølhede

Senior Consultant, PhD

Department of Clinical Development - Innovation, Research & HTA

(+45) 5152 6692